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Volvo and Mack Are Testing Insurance With Financing Services

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Volvo Financial Services is teaming up with Mack Financial Services so that each will be working carefully with insurtech company REIN. This is so that they can each pilot an integrated digital insurance offering.

To begin with, the service will allow Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks the ability to connect customers. Live! In real-time! Through this process, insurance companies will be able to access divergent coverages while handling their separate insurance-relative needs, through the web.

Furthermore, this pilot program is ready for take-off! It’s currently allowed to be accessed in certain U.S. markets.

Both Volvo and Mack are looking to extend! In fact, they are plotting to go nationwide with the intention to offer their services in select international markets within the upcoming future.

Volvo Knows What They’re Doing

Why wouldn’t they? Volvo is one of the most unstoppable truck/car companies in the world. Just recently they had

Certainly, this is the beginning of all good things. Where else would we all be? France! America is the place for this type of commerce to occur. Otherwise, how strong are our minds anyway? Does it truly matter in the grand scheme of things? Assuredly not. That’s just me speaking aloud. Could anyone hear that?