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Weatherford, TX

Weatherford Texas

Weatherford is a Texas City and the seat of Parker County. The city with a population of 29.969 by 2010, was founded by Isaac Parker. Parker was the state representative and the uncle of a little girl, named Ann Parker, who got stolen from her home by Indians at the time the Texas revolution happened.

Weatherford is popular for its largest oil and natural gas companies. That’s one of the biggest sources of income for the city.

Weatherford is a city of traditions and history. Some of its historically important building is of the 20th century. They make a row along the tree-lined avenues. Those buildings are open to the public at the Christmas season.

You can admire the architecture of Weatherford while visiting Chandor Gardens. The garden, inspired by English gardens, as well as Chinese architecture. Not far from the garden, visiting can discover Chandor mansion.

To enjoy the blossom or the divine beauty of nature, come to Clark Gardens in spring, in summer or even fall. You will be amazed by the wonderful scenes of waterfalls and various bird species.

From history to nature, Weatherford will take you to an interesting adventure.

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