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White Cop Who Shot Black Woman Critiqued

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FORT WORTH, TX – The white cop who shot and killed a black woman in her home last month has been evaluated. In his 2018 performance review, the Fort Worth officer is criticized for missing calls over the radio. He is also accused of having “tunnel vision.”

Moreover, in the officer’s most recent evaluation in April 2019 Aaron Dean’s supervisor commended him on operating at the level of a more experienced officer. Not only that, but the supervisor also encouraged Dean to “keep up the good work.” However, in earlier performance reviews, Dean’s supervisor was much more critical. He reported that Dean had poor communication skills and accused him of being evasive rather than taking accountability for his actions.

Furthermore, the 35-year-old white cop is charged with killing 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson through her back window. As of now, reports state that Dean responded to a call about an open front door at Jefferson’s home.

Apart from this, in his 2017 job interview, Dean said he wanted to serve the public, and that he liked “the action and adventure” that comes from being an officer. He also wanted to join the military but thought becoming a policeman was another way to fulfill his desire without having to go overseas. Dean stated that he wouldn’t have a problem using lethal force if needed.

Furthermore, during his interview, Dean also revealed that he touched a female friend inappropriately in college. However, the white cop pleaded no-contest at the time. And, as a result, he received a simple assault charge.

Regarding the 2004 college incident, Dean affirmed he stroked the woman’s breast after she was flirtatious with him. Since then, he has vowed to be more careful.

Still, Dean graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in physics. Several years later he joined the Fort Worth police force in April 2018. Under Fort Worth’s civil service regulations, the misdemeanor charge from college wouldn’t have prevented Dean from becoming an officer.

Moreover, bodycam footage displays Dean shooting Jefferson after entering her backyard. In the video, Dean cannot be heard identifying himself as police. According to authorities, Dean pulled his gun after “perceiving a threat.” However, there was no sign of any officer knocking on the front door.