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Who Are The Worst Drivers in USA? Los Angeles Drivers Ranked At 194 Out of 200

You are currently viewing Who Are The Worst Drivers in USA? Los Angeles Drivers Ranked At 194 Out of 200
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All State has released statistical proof of just how bad the drivers in L.A. are and how good other places are by comparison. It happened just in time for Labor Day.

We might think the driving in L.A. is bad, but not as bad as in Baltimore. The worst drivers according to the statistic is Baltimore.

Out of 200 on a list, it ranks 200. Even though Los Angeles is not the last one on the list, it’s still among worst when it comes to driving. It ranked at 194.

The worst driving hobbits were spotted in Glendale. It ranks 196 and makes the worst among California cities.

The safest drivers in the country according to All State are in Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville is in far southeastern Texas, 30 miles from South Padre Island. The second place that ranks high is Kansas City.

What exactly does it mean to be a good driver? All State says, a good driver has one claim a decade. The winner, Brownsville has a claim every 13.6 year. For Los Angeles, the situation is completely different. It’s every 5 ½ years (5.1 for Glendale).

Don’t think the cities cannot improve in this regard. Just look at the example of Miami, moving up 37 spots. The opposite is also possible. Spokane, Wash got even worse and dropped 37 places.

On Holidays such as Memorial Day and Fourth of July roads are extremely busy. No figures are available for expected traffic volumes this weekend. But one thing that is going to make it difficult for people to head out is the prices of gas.

Even though the difference in prices is not huge, but will create a psychological shake. Having a round trip to San Diego will cost additional $3.04, to Yosemite you will pay $9.91 more.

Regardless of the destination you choose, one thing should not change. You need to drive carefully. Most of us think we are great drivers, but you are not alone. Always watch out for the guy in the next lane

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