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Winning the Wheel?

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As of Monday, someone has been the next Fort Worth super-star on “Wheel of Fortune.” This doesn’t happen often, as “Wheel of Fortune” has a notorious record of being picky. This Fort Worth star is one worth noting. Popular for her notorious elementary school role, Kia McAdams is an adored principal. This principle is now known throughout the nation. McAdams is now the renowned celebrity of a Wheel of Fortune spin-off.

With an opponent who suffered a mental block, Carol Kaleon was then able to win both a trip to the Caribbean and a cash prize. She surpassed her opponent’s wit and preposition.

After she won the contest, McAdams was shocked. This new Fort Worth star won over 18,000 dollars’ worth of cash prizes. As her other opponents worked to the bankrupt title, McAdams ran to first.

Slowly, step by step she won the competition.

Happily married with two kids, McAdams is grateful for her win. Although she enjoys traveling, reading and cooking, she won’t be enjoying too much splendor. Sadly, McAdams didn’t win the showcase. Apparently, her family watches the show regularly and was happy she was in it, regardless of her win.  Unfortunately, although she did win something,  she wasn’t able to win the grand prize. This grandiose prize was worth 1 million dollars, but she missed out.

Either way, the contestant was able to win money for her outstanding grammar skills and diction. The Fort Worth episode of our local celebrity will be held as of tonight at 6:30 PM. So what do you think, “Wheel of Fortune” is a complicated show, do you think you could handle it?