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Worker Killed at Dickies Arena

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FORT WORTH, TX – A mechanical gate closed on a 24-year old worker at Dickies Arena and crushed him to death. According to authorities, the tragic incident occurred Saturday morning.

Additionally, the accident took place at an entry gate at the arena, specifically 3400 Trail Drive. It was reported around 7 a.m. Saturday morning.  

In a Monday email, Fort Worth police Sgt. Chris Daniels said the initial investigation suggested his death was an accident. However, the autopsy results and final investigative findings are still pending.

Moreover, Juan Carlos Julian Jr., of Fort Worth, has been identified as the victim in the Dickies Arena incident. The young man’s identity was confirmed by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office website on Monday. Pending results of the autopsy, a ruling on Julian’s death will be made.

In a statement released by Trail Drive Management Corp., the agency which operates Dickies Arena, they expressed deep sadness. Additionally, sending their condolences to Julian’s family, friends, and coworkers.   

Furthermore, representatives at Trail Drive Management Corp. confirmed Julian was employed by Service First Janitorial. As stated by the release, safety is a top priority and Trail Drive Management Corp is working with authorities as they investigate the incident.

However, when asked about what safety measures were in place for the gate or whether there was a malfunction, Trail Drive Management declined to answer.

As of Monday, the investigation into Julian’s death is ongoing.

It should be noted that no other specifics on the accident have been released.

The new Dickies Arena boasts 14,000-seats and opened in late October in Fort Worth’s Cultural District.